West Coast Baby!

After confidently presenting my passport to the ‘check in’ counter for a domestic flight to Perth….I knew it was going to be a long week.

In my defence, it was 5:30am, Perth is 5 hours from Sydney & is in a different time zone. Perth might as well be an international destination. Ok fine, admittedly it was a stupid thing to do and was definitely not one of my finer moments.

Nevertheless, my week in Perth (for work) flew by. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive – I had to navigate myself around the city (directions are definitely not a key strength of mine) in a hire car (I failed my P’s 3 times…driving on foreign streets is also not another key strength). That being said, Perth drivers are definitely a lot more friendlier (vs Sydney siders) and I suprisingly survived the Perth streets unscathed.

It was a great opportunity to be able to meet so many different Perth-based furniture suppliers & product designers. It really opened up my eyes to the importance of geography and more specifically ‘locality’ within the design & furniture industry. With Perth, being so removed from the East Coast, they seem to have embraced the notion of locality and sense of community like no other. For many of the companies operating in Perth, there is a clear and unwavering delineation between the ‘East & West’ coast of Australia.

This East/West coast dichotomy was referenced so much, at times I felt like I was in some American gangsta film clip….Wessstt Coasst Babyy!

My tan is not something I need to work on. But in 43 degree heat, I couldn’t leave Perth without visiting the iconic ‘Cottlesloe’ beach. It went beyond my expectations – turquoise blue water, white sand, paddleboarders with cheese-grater abs….the beach had it all.

I can not surf. I have tried. Many times. Once in Bali. Once in Byron. Once in my swimming pool. No success. Let’s leave it at that. Nevertheless, it does not mean that I can not appreciate the shape and form of a surf board. Displaying one’s surf board in an interior space, whether it be for function (ie.  no space in the garage) or show (ie. a vintage old school board) they can be quite visually striking.

What do you think? Surfs Up?

surfboard design

(Image via Pinterest)

surfboard design

(Image via shorelychic)


surfboard design

(Image via completely-coastal.com)

surfboard design

(Image via completely-coastal.com)

surfboard fence


(Image via remodelista.com)


surfboard design

(Image via remodelista.com)


surfboard design

(Image via 79 Ideas) 


surfboard design

(Image via The Little Corner Tumblr)

Staring out my window…its a rainy Saturday afternoon. After a week full of sweaty upper lips & insatiable thirst…I am actually missing the Perth heat. Who would of thought?!

Stay Cool.

N x




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