Summer, Sounds & Sunglasses….

I attended Laneway Festival yesterday – despite the grey clouds and intermittent rainfall.. it was a fantastic day!

Walking amongst the crowds, I spotted many unique outfits. Despite it being 18 degrees, there were many  bikini-clad girls (even when the closest beach or pool was atleast 15km away) & also a lot of bejeweled bindi’s on foreheads…namaste?!

One fashion accessory which is synonoymous with music festivals (and summer in general) is of course the trusty pair of sunglasses. Protecting your eyes, hiding your eyes, dressing up your eyes…sunglasses are multi-functional & can improve your cool factor by 67%….or so they say.

Not in my case.

I always have difficulty in choosing a pair of sunnies. I have a small & narrow face – which means majority of trendy sunglasses always end up transforming me into a bug on steroids.

I recently met Nick Campbell (an eyewear collector turned designer) who designs the most amazing sunglasses ranges –  his designs are bold, striking and possess a unique aesthetic. You can’t help but love them!

If you are an eyewear collector or just love sunglasses check out some inspirational images on how sunglasses can be displayed…

sunglasses display


sunglasses display

(Image via


sunglasses display

(Image via Pinterest)


(Image via Pinterest) 



(Pinterest via

(Image via Smile & Wave)

Sunglasses have not been required today.  It is dark & pouring outside – definitely not the typical Sydney Summer’s day – oh, the irony!

Happy Sunday Night.

N x



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