Happy Friday:- Put a cork in it!!!

Happy Friday to all!!

This week has just flown by – now officially finished by 4th week at Indesign Group & to make it even more exciting we reached 3000 friends on Habitusliving this afternoon (If you haven’t already make sure you ‘like’ habitusliving on facebook…).

Friday evening for me is synonmous with a good glass of wine. A reward for surviving the week!

As you sit down for a glass of vino this evening…. don’t disregard that little cork that sits in your wine bottle, instead think about how much potential it actually possesses…

Let me kick of some ‘corkspiration’ with my favourite inspirational project…

In 2009, Indesign & Living Edge hosted an award for the best miniature chair created out of corks.

(Without being biased definitley suscribe to Indesignlive…it is the perfect source of design news & inspiration!)

Lots more examples here Indesignlive.com

wine cork mat

wine cork mat

(Image via Upcycle)

Anthropologie (one of my favourite stores ever…..please come to Australia, if you are reading this!!) did a gorgeous cork window display last year.

(Image via Casasugar)

Isn’t this just the coolest?!

(Image via Tumblr)

OK enough blogging, my chilled glass of white is waiting for me…

1 comment
  1. Reading this with a glass of pinot noir in hand (I put it down to type – the sacrifices!)

    Love that bottom image! 🙂

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