I got a haircut when I was 1 hour

Yes, the title is (embarrassingly) true. My mother thought she gave birth to a monkey. Afraid that I would develop an infection in my eyes and ears, I was rushed to the hospital hairdresser 1 hour after I was born.

Needless to say – I have a huge amount of thick black hair…that grows like a obnoxious weed.

Today, I went to my hairdresser & got my regular cut…which involves a lot of hair thinning. After I was finished the floor looked like JImi Hendrix had shaved his entire fro…..I also lost a couple of kilo’s as well…I felt so light and free…

Looking around my salon, it inspired me to search for some cool hairdresser interior spaces., here is a round up with what I found…

Modern, sleek with a touch of the natural. Love the transparent fibres from the roof, that mirrors that of a ‘fringe’.

(Image via Dezeen)

Japanese designers Isolation Unit have designed the interior of this salon in the Harajuku district of Tokyo, Japan, for hair-dressing chain LIM. I really like the hanging mirrors and wooden chairs. The surfaces of the interior have been left bare and unfinished, exposing the marks left on the walls and floors after stripping the space. Don’t know if I am a fan of this totally unfinished look – especially for a hair salon…you’d hope they finish your hair style!

(Image via Dezeen)

Futuristic. Although, my favourite part of getting my haircut is flipping through (mostly outdated) trashy magazines – don’t know if it would be the same with screens.

(Image via Arcidec)

This is a colorful and playful hair salon for kids, envisioned byAndrea Mason/Architect. It is located in in New York and is targeted at children under 10. The bright colour scheme teamed with amazing chairs and wall graphics is the perfect interactive hair salon as it would put any kid going ‘under the chop’ at ease!

(Image via Freshome)

Style Club is a hair salon and retail located in Dublin, Ireland. It is extremely colourful, I believe it could be bordering on a little too vibrant for a hair dresser (a space which I feel should be synonymous with relaxation and escape). Nevertheless, this salon pushes visual boundaries and is reminiscent of some sort of fantasy candyland!

(Images via Home Auto Designs)

Lights. Camera. Action. Hanging pendent lights – If i got my haircut here, I would be so tempted to look at the roof!! The salons is situated in Germany, in an old factory building.

(Images via Dezeen)


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