A forgotten place – the front porch.

It’s a powerful place, yet wedged between the interior & exterior of the house, it sometimes gets forgotten. It is outward looking, yet homely. Americans call it a porch…Australians call it a verandah. Without sounding anti-nationalist… for this post I will call it a porch – just for fun.

It’s a place where you can interact with the neighbours, whilst retaining some ‘distance’; “Your grass looks so green or “I’ve notice little Johnny is practising his trombone quite a bit lately”….(Just included some conversation starters for you…)

Not everyone has a front porch and for some reason childhood movies such as “The Little Rascals” and “Dennis the Menace” spring to mind. I believe a high percentage of movies set in America surburbia include either a paper boy throwing a newspaper onto the front porch or (for the ones set in an early time period) a worn out rocking chair sitting on the front porch..

Nevertheless, I have become fascinated with the front porch and the hidden potential that this space can have.

Check out the below for some front porch inspiration!

So inviting! Loving the colour of the floorboards against the greenery…nice rustic feel to it, whilst remaining modern.

(Image via Design Sponge)

With the monochromatic tones, this front porch is quite moody.

(Image via Lonny mag)

I believe, swings on the front porch are an essential. They are symbolic of an invitation – the swing is just asking to be sat on! Perfect place for any conversation – the front porch swing. If only…I had a porch.

(Image via Doors Sliding)

This is my absolute favourite – totally my style…I’d call it – ‘eclectic traveller’ The mish-mash of colour and texture creates an ideal relaxed and chilled-out vibe…You’d be the envy of every neighbour if this was your front porch.

(AImeg via RenoProjects)

Next time, take note of the front porch – it says more about the owners of the house than you think…Judge a person by their porch.


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