Over the Rainbow.

Today, I found out I passed my Colour Wheel (see below). Admittedly, I didn’t pass with ‘flying colours’ (excuse the pun) as the marker said I could have been ‘neater’ – I guess, I repeated Year 1 for nothing – never been so great with scissors!

There is something universally appealing about the rainbow.

Check out the below for some rainbow inspiration….


I honestly want this chair – not only does it look so comfortable, but this chair is guaranteed to brighten up any room! I love it!

(Image via AquaVitaeDesign)

Rainbow stairs such a great statement. A little too ‘out there’ for me, but somehow against the pink wallpaper this rainbow stair case works.

(Image via Passamenterie)

How cool is this? Love how the rainbow stairs is stuck between two buildings. I secretly want to do this to some stairs in Sydney…

(Image via Ella Vez)

Gorgeous rainbow stain glass reflection on stairs – absolutley stunning.

(Image via MeepMeepMeep)



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