Gone Glamping. {Glamourous-Camping}

I learnt a new word today: Glamping (It is a strange sounding word which essentially means the joining of both glamour + camping. Glamourous Camping).

Nature has alway been a source of inspiration for me. As a child I would come home from school with pockets full of acorns, sticks and flowers, making ‘sculptures’ and homemade ‘potpourri’. I still love a good bushwalk and taking photos of beautiful scenery…however, I’m realising my love for nature stays at a distance….

Admittedly, as much as I would love to love camping…I just don’t.

I’m no princess by any means, but I’m just not a ‘happy’ camper. I don’t really find sitting in the bush for endless hours engaging. I also don’t like replacing a swim in the river for a shower. Or leeches. Or dirt encrusted damper.

However….glamping, I can do!

Today I have been inspired by glamping – its a growing trend, get amongst it!

Trust the Indian’s to create such goregous tents (ok, I am biased…but come on it is obviously stunning!). This one is in Ranthambore National Park. I have been lucky enough to see one of these when I was travelling through Rajasthan (unfortunately was a little out of my budget). Although I am sure there would be no ‘rain leakage’ or ‘smelly sleeping bags here’…pure luxury!

(Image via Apartment Therapy)

Glamping in the snow, in an amazing Igloo design tent – book me in anyday!

(Image via Desire to Inspire)

Inside the snow tent – simplicity. authenticity. honesty. It has all the basic necessities and comforts, but is whole heartedly connected to the raw nature that lays outside its boundaries.

(Image via Desire to Inspire)

(Image via The Decorologist)

Love the warm lighting – makes it seem so cozy…juxtaposed with an isolated external environment.

(Image via IheartIwishIlove)


Circus. Circus. I would love to set up one like this in my back garden.

(Image via (Image via IheartIwishIlove)

Tee-Pee Inspiration. I love the high, high ceiling on this one. I think I love the rug even more. The contrast of the light white against the blue patterned rug is phenomenal.

(Image via Apartment Therapy)

Welcome to the future of glamping – Who says Glamping needs to be rustic & about drawing inspiration from the ‘good old days’? Whilst this modern take on glamping is admittedly a little to suffocating for my liking & immediately evokes images of the ‘bubble boy’ – I think it is an innovative design and is essentially shifting that paradigm of having to be at ‘one’ with nature -instead with its sheer colour contrast and explicit use of man-made materials it pushes the boundaries by visually challenging the  environment that surrounds it…

(Image Apartment Therapy)

Back in 5 mins. Gone Glamping.


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